Student Government Evolution

Throughout the year, student government has continuously evolved. The most recent evolution of student government took place from Spring 2021 until Fall 2022.

After the events of the final 2 Undergraduate Student Government (USG) elections, there was a recognized need for a model of student governance that centers the Tulane population, specifically BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students. Tulane student Reagan McKinney and Assistant Vice President for Campus Life Laura Osteen collaborated on creating a new model of student governance that is grounded in student advocacy and the centering of marginalized identities and voices. In a Shared University Community Call for a New Model of Student Governance, USG was dissolved and the Tulane Undergraduate Assembly (TUA) was formed. 

How was this implemented?

The work that was done was comprehensive and included examining USG history, mission vision, the senate, executive, finance, and student organization models, professional staffing, university structure, and resources. Education, development, and training support were prioritized, along with equity issues such as compensation access and engagement. 


When was this implemented? 

This work began in the summer of 2021 when it was proposed by McKinney and Osteen. Throughout Fall 2021 to Fall 2022, there has been a time of listening, learning, internal and external assessments, and rewriting governing documents. The next step was to vote to reestablish student government on September 8th, which resulted in the creation of the Tulane Undergraduate Assembly (TUA). The Inaugural Body of TUA was elected and selected on November 15th, 2022.